Wholesale/ Private Label

We have helped many clients through this process and it generally progresses quite smoothly. Our customer service representatives will work with you throughout the process.
Step 1- Request samples and evaluate products:
As these products will represent your brand, we know you will want to test the products before you make decisions. We will help to choose the right samples for you and your customers.
Step 2- Select products, scent, and packaging:
Once you've decided on the private label products you want to offer your customers and clients, we will help you choose from our selection of scents and packaging from our stock offerings. Our goal is for your products to look upscale, luxurious, and unique in fragrance. You can choose from any of our products, scent, and packaging to create your own unique experience.
Step 3- Provide your logo and name your products:
Once we have your logo in a specific format, our graphics team will place your logo into a finished product label design.
Step 4- Approve your labels:
Once your graphics are complete we will send you a label proof for approval. A streamlined graphic set up and review process. This can take as few as five business days.
Step 5- Place your order:
A custom order form will be provided listing all the details unique to your company that makes it easy to order and reorder. You should expect to receive your first shipment 2 to 4 weeks after you have approved your labels and placed your first order.