Perfect Fit Autism Foundation Layered Scented Candle

Perfect Fit Autism Foundation Layered Scented Candle

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A portion of your purchase goes to Perfect Fit The Ethan & Nicholas Autism Foundation... Providing social and recreational opportunities for children affected by autism.

Thank you for your support and love


75+ hr burn time

Each layer has a new scent ready to set the mood of relaxation, recharge, clarity, or all around chill... 

Red- Chamomile & Lavender... Let’s take a moment and set the tone for the beginning and end of our day... During these times we all need to be calm for our families and ourselves... We set the tone.

Yellow- Orange Blossom & Sage... Let’s think in a picture for a moment... Think about the sun kissing your skin and unlocking the energy that’s within.

Green- Eucalyptus, Spearmint, & Lemon... Clarity and patience are things we all need so we can have a (almost) perfect understanding of the world around us.

Blue- Juniper Breeze... Feel like one with the earth as you did when you were a kid... This scent and color knows no boundaries... It taps into peaceful memories that have been blocked by the stress you let in.