Taimed Society began in 2014 with Alexandria Conner’s passion for crafting as a second means of income. She would create lanyards and bead pets, origami Valentine’s Day hearts, and crochet scarves and blankets. With her family’s support in her arts and crafts, she felt fulfilled. Until she recognized a need while working for an adult bookstore in Austin, TX. She felt there was a lack of bath & body among novelty products. Constantly there were customers complaining about how they had nothing new when it came to the novelty stuff or bath & body products were too expensive or too cheap in quality and they were going to go elsewhere. Personally, Conner saw it as an opportunity to add to the expanding market. She never thought anyone would care so much about bath, body, & novelty products in an adult bookstore. So making it a goal to develop a bath product specially for this target market, she got to work. The first item was the 2lb. Smelly Novelty Bath Fizzy in the shape of male genital parts. That product had such a good response from her customers, she continued to produce the Smelly Novelty Candle, also in shapes of adult body parts, and other various bath and body products targeting adults. Using her art school education in fashion illustration and graphic design, and the mentorship from a couple of independent artists to expand her adult themed usable novelty items. By 2015, Taimed Society product line has expanded to include non-novelty bath and body products. These include candles, wax melts, bath tea, bath crystals, bath crystals, bath milks, bath bombs, incenses, and spiritual smudges and resins. Monthly she is in the lab, honing her products to consistent quality and researching and developing new products. She sees Taimed Society Soap LLC expanding into a mainstream and sustainable choice across the nation as a bath and body provider, helping people to relax with the aromatic therapy each product provides, have a strong team of specialists in sales, customer service and management, and reach her goal of maintaining a steady profitable company to stay in the market for the long term.