Hey you! I'm super glad you stopped by... Let me tell you a bit about how Taimed Society got started...In the beginning I have always been a huge crafting hustler... Lanyards… Bead pets... Origami Valentine Day Hearts... Crocheting scarves and blankets... You name it I probably did it or had a book on it... My parents supported anything I wanted to do especially when it came to arts and crafts... As I got older I worked a bunch of odd jobs that weren’t fulfilling but paid the bills, until I started working for an adult bookstore in Austin, TX and saw there was something missing when it came to bath & body and novelty products... Constantly there were customers complaining about how we had nothing new when it came to the novelty stuff or the bath & body products were too expensive or too cheap in quality and they were going to go elsewhere... Personally that didn't bother me because I had my craft hustle and I was still going to get my check, but I saw it as an opportunity to possibly add to the expanding market... It was kind of weird though... I never thought anyone to care so much about bath, body, & novelty products in an adult bookstore... My first item was the 2lb. Smelly Dick Bath Fizzy that was getting a good response, then came the Smelly Dick Candle, and from there the list kept growing... So I started using my now useful art degree, YouTube University graphic design certificate, and a couple of independent artist to expand my adult themed useable novelty items... Now we make something for everyone and we're constantly growing.... So once again thanks for stopping by and next time you do bring a friend 😁